Tasmania's Stefano Lubiana, Full of Passion!!

Wow! What energy! What passion! To meet Stefano Lubiana last Monday was the perfect way to end our winery tour of Tasmania!

The 1st biodynamic wine producer in Tasmania, Stefano brings incredible energy to what he does. It was obviously to make better wines but mainly it was out of respect for people, and respect for the environment that drove him to convert the vineyards to biodynamics...

And the wines are beautiful!

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Freycinet Vineyards Pinot Noir: Caressing & Elegant W/ Intensity

There is something really special I think about reaching a vineyard site & discovering how really beautiful it is. It is almost like being in a dream.. 

Even better is meeting the owner of the property & feel his deep love for his land, his deep understanding of it, and his humility towards it. It is very humbling & always leaves me in a state of deep introspection for quite a few hours & sometimes days afterwards...

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