Torrontés, Another Comparative Tasting... & A "Coup De Foudre"!

Some will say that, on this trip, I spend way too much attention to Torrontés with regards to my exam as the likeliness for it to show in June is actually very small.  

Well, I will say that sometimes, we must mix business with pleasure to keep the passion going! As I mentioned in a previous post, I am not ashamed to say that I love the grape.  This tasting was worth the time & resources as I discovered my top favorite after tasting and tasting a innumerable amount, most, frankly disappointing.

This flight, however has mixed results.  The good news though is that now, I perfectly well know which gives me excellent pleasure.

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The Different Stories of 4 Argentinean Torrontés...

Ever since we have visited here for the 1st time 10 years ago, Maria & I both love Torrontés.  The thing though is that we have been pretty often disappointed by any bottles we tried since.  Perhaps there is really "nothing like the first time"?

This flight however is showing 2 great wines and 2 wines that I would certainly qualify as disappointing.  Perhaps there is a lesson we can learn from this tasting.

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