My Paris

a friend last night asked me for recommendations to visit paris for a a week-end.  and so, i have decided to write a blog post in case you might be interested.  of course, these are based on a perhaps a strange idea that when i go 3-4 times per year, i like to feel as though i live there and try to do things as i think i would if i would really live in the beautiful city of love that is paris, the eternal!

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Dining in Venice - "Buona Accoglienza"Association of Restaurants

Travelling to Venice can be as frustrating as it can be thrilling & unforgetable. In fact, Venice is my favourite city in the entire world. I love her w/ a passion. The thing is, it takes patience & curiosity to reap the rewards that she can offer. Especially in "calle" off the beaten path. Actually, it is the only that Venice can be appreciated to its gloriest.

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Going To Portofino? Better Stay in Santa Margherita Ligure....

I admit without much pleasure that Portofino is a must destination for anyone visiting Cinque Terre. My only pet peeve is that it has become so touristy and bling that I feel it has lost its charm...

In any case, staying in Santa Margherita Ligure, 4 KM away, was great. Less touristy, w/ plenty of great restaurants within walking distance, and a very beautiful, 1-hour, walk away from Portofino.

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