welcome to our blog where we share our passion for food and for wine!

franco, maria, and i (jc) are student of wine and we hope this site will help us improve and more importantly share with other wine lovers around the world who are as passionate as we are.

franco has informally learned about wine all of his life in italy.  soon, he will be taking the sommelier course level 3 in milan to formalise his vast knowledged acquired throughout the years. 

myself, i have just completed the WSET diploma (with merit) their flagship qualification and now studying for the prestigious Master of Wine title.  i am also an Certified WSET  as well as an accredited international educator for the official Bordeaux Wine School.

as for maria, she has been supporting my studies as patiently as an angel and in fact, i think she now knows more about the nectar than myself.  she will share with us in our tastings and reviews.

franco is based in saronno, italy and will contribute to this blog in italian.  as for maria and i, we are in hong kong and will write in english.

all of our travels have an element of food and wine as we most definitely chose our destinations based on the the restaurants we want to visit and the wine we want to drink.

you can send us an email to: contact@grandepassione.com