Should I Pursue A MW? What Do You Think Of The WSET SAT?

by odd coincidence, i have lately received many requests for advice about the master of wine program and in the same email, asking for my thoughts on the wset systematic approach to tasting.  kind people who found my contact details through this blog, facebook, or my tweets.  each one is a passionate wine lover who wants to pursue their studies in the field of wine.  each have pretty much done the same as i did: wset levels 2, 3 and 4.  each now working in a field unrelated to wine, but each have some part-time connections to the industry, either as wine judges or freelance journalists, or other.

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Pinot Grigio vs Pinot Gris - a delightful WSET Diploma practice tasting...

Tonight's WSET Diploma practice tasting featured 4 delightful wines: 2 x pinot grigio from Italy and 2 x pinot gris from Alsace.

Delightful because they were, let's face it, above average quality and, no matter what some "expert" say about pinot grigio, were lip-smacking to the full sense of the word. It was, in fact, a pity that we tasted them in a classroom and not around a nice tasty dinner.

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