Pretty Tasty Tasting @ WSET L4 Practice - Sangiovese vs Nebbiolo.

It is always fascinating to compare & contrast side by side the wines that are easily confused during a blind tasting. Sangiovese & Nebbiolo used to be 2 grapes that gave me troubles.

Here it became clear that age for age, tannin is the clear marker that separates both. Nebbiolo is extremely firm yet the texture more delicate & tender. A real "iron fist in a silk glove".

3 wines stood out from this tasting with some pretty tasty enjoyment:

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Pinot Grigio vs Pinot Gris - a delightful WSET Diploma practice tasting...

Tonight's WSET Diploma practice tasting featured 4 delightful wines: 2 x pinot grigio from Italy and 2 x pinot gris from Alsace.

Delightful because they were, let's face it, above average quality and, no matter what some "expert" say about pinot grigio, were lip-smacking to the full sense of the word. It was, in fact, a pity that we tasted them in a classroom and not around a nice tasty dinner.

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Reverse Engineering My Tasting Notes - Piedmont

In June 2011, the practical exam of the Master of Wine featured this very question:

3) Wines 6 to 8 are made from different single grape varieties and are from the same region of origin. 

For all three wines: a) Identify the region of origin as closely as possible; For each wine: b) Identify the grape variety; c) Comment on the method of production

and so, a couple of weeks ago, we practiced using similar wines as the exam.

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