Taste Like A Pro, The Grape...

It may seem obvious that without grapes there would not be wine.  Yet, the issue is a little bit more complicated than it appears at first. When it comes to influencing style and quality, the factors to consider go beyond simply color and aromatic profile.  As we have seen, to define the style of the wine, we should consider its weight, structure, texture, aromatics, and its specific character induced by winemaking or market position.  To define quality, we should consider the wine complexity, its balance of components and the length of its finish. And so, how does the humble grape influence both?

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Tasting three decades of Luce

Iconic and quintessentially Super-Tuscan yet deeply attached to the roots and the territory where it originates.

An ancient Japanese proverb says, “the meeting between two persons is where everything begins.” It is also how the extraordinary story of Luce came to be, a story that we had the privilege to experience through a historical tasting going back to 1997 of this Iconic wine hosted by Lamberto Frescobaldi at the magnificent Casa degli Atellani in Milan....

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Taste Like a Pro, Natural Wines...

Proponents of “natural” wine are above all concerned with the human factor.  In fact, there is no standard definition of “natural” wine, but the consensus is that, from vineyard to cellar, it should undergo as little human intervention as possible so that it displays the purest expression of both grape and ripening conditions.  Skeptics of this movement claim that such “laissez-faire” attitude is fraught with risks and produce wine all too often faulty, unstable, and difficult to transport across any distance.

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